Welcome to my little space on the internet where I will throw random stuff and just do whatever. I think this is version 4.0 or something. But this time I did most of the coding myself! No more layouts from other people. I haven't coded up a page in since ~html 4 so this site is pretty basic, and probably isn't mobile or screen reader friendly yet. I will work on that! Expect some empty links and stuff. Still under construction.


24 July 2024: Finished my A24 (movie stuff) page. Updated the 'What I use (about) page. Updated the links page.

13 June 2024: Completely redid the site so it looks prettier. Added a gingham background (css) and some pics, redid the layout. Looks much better now imo! Also working on a few pages that are not complete.

23 May 2024: Updated the menu to be expandable. Added a shrine section. No content yet though! Added a commonplace book. But also not much content there yet. Added a blog, which is an RSS feed of my dreamwidth journal.

17 May 2024: Added my 1990s website history. Its not complete, but its a start. Also updated some links in the nav menu. And I added a guestbook..

14 May 2024: So I guess this is a big update because I redid the entire site. IT'S BRAND SPANKING NEW, BABY. Heck yeah. I'm still working on some pages, so there may some dead links in the menu.